About Us

Originally founded by Philip Cooper back in 1992, P K Veneering has only gone from strength to strength as time has progressed.

Since then we have developed into one of the Uk’s leading suppliers of bespoke veneer services and have even worked with a variety of customers from overseas. Our team currently consists of expertly trained and highly skilled craftsman who have years of experience combined. Call our friendly team to transform your old, lifeless and dull wood trim into beautiful and vibrant pieces of exotic veneer today.

Our team have the industry knowledge and expert skills necessary to be able to restore your original pieces and copy existing ones that have been damaged and can even manufacture them from an existing design. As an independent business, we have the flexibility to be able to supply single units or production runs dependent on your individual needs and requirements. All of the work that we produce will be carried out in-house by our expert team so that you can rest assured that you will only ever receive the highest standards of services.

Care to attention

We provide our customers with a bespoke, unique range of items and although our process may be time-consuming, it is also extremely rewarding. The care and attention that we spend on your items truly shows in its finish.

We will inspect the piece for any missing veneer and substrates

We then strip the wood by a chemical or heat process to prepare it

The pieces are then re-veneered after having all of their old veneer removed

The veneer used will be 0.6mm thick and chosen for the colour and figure, before it is cut to size and bonded into place

The veneered panels will then be hand sanded.

Sharp edges and glue residues will then be removed

The piece will then be stained and painted ready to be sprayed

Handles will be tacked to the pieces so that they can be picked up for spraying

5 coats of lacquer are then applied and will be left to harden for 7 days

The piece will then be sanded down so it is ready for the final polishing

For the highest standards of veneer trim wood restoration and vehicle interior services available throughout Crewe, call us today on 01270 253 460 to find out more.